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Cross Country: (M) #2 USTFC ** Final ** Awesome Top Team !! | (W) #13 USTFC ** Final ** Great Season !!

W Soccer: #3 DI / #4 Coaches ** COLLEGE CUP 2022** #Playoffs #GameOn !!

W Basketball: #9 AP / #11 Coaches

Football: #18 Coaches | #18 AP | #20 CFP

M Ice Hockey: #20 USCHO

Swim/Dive: (M) #22

#GoIrish !!

M Ice Hockey: #10

#GoCrimson !!

The University of Chicago (news) is a highly ranked, world class institution noted for its advancement of knowledge, including sports knowledge.

#GoMaroons !!

Philosophy and Motivation

Mind | Body | Soul == Academics | Atheltics | Spirituality.

Sports represents physical development in Notre Dame's mission, namely developing "disciplined habits of mind, body and spirit which characterize educated, skilled and free human beings..."

Leaders and champions of and in The Ivy League.

Aim to enrich the whole person of your life, via Maroon Athletics.

Towards your good health, go forward.


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