Brain Food

On Knowledge


Learning is lifelong. Each day we may seek the knowledge song, striving as we go along to

  • Understand more and something new;

  • Gain insight on some aspect of the universe, too;

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the poetic beauty in all that is wrong and right;

  • Go deeper inside to understand what it means, as we know, we are of the light.

There are many wondrous things to see. I'm glad you came and hope you will spend some time with me exploring everything.

Special thanks and let the bells ring for University of Nebraska and Massachusetts Institute of Technology they know how to BALL with free, open educational for all with excellent contributions of High School and Open CourseWare for all of us.

Mind. Body. Soul.

You are a complete, divine spiritual being.

Knowledge Quest,

poem and Poem Movie

by Dennie T.


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