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Poetry on denniet.com by Dennie T for all my Professors. Go Irish, Go Crimson, Go Maroons, with a shout-out to the wise sisters and brothers from the street.

Let us collectively set upon a great spiritual knowledge quest starting now by pledging, intellectually, to open our minds; raising our attention; and fully committing to give it our all and do our best.

Secondly, let us agree that our brains have great capacity to learn and shall not rest as we assimilate ancient wisdom and consider lessons from the far East throughout the near West.

We shall examine current practices as we categorize and classify what has been taught in the academies about the who, what, where, why, and when, from history, to be clear about what is agreed on and which beliefs we should challenge again.

The accumulated experience of humankind is documented in the disciplines taught by practitioners from elementary and trade schools through post graduate programs beyond college. One difference we may find, in this shared quest to expand the mind, is the importance of assimilating the wisdom powerfully gained by incorporating the same from desert, bush, and street knowledge.

We have built an international space station while two-thirds of the world’s population lacks guaranteed access to life giving potable water. I do not know about the Gentle Reader’s situation, but for the Author that offers plenty of fodder for the following narration:

“What kind of world do we live in?”
“What kind of world should it be?”
“What have we learned?”
“How have we applied it?”
“What impact and results do we see?”

The world is what we make it.

Openness requires us to reconsider the fundamental premises of everything we have been taught. Success inspires us to release egos and selfishness as we gain wisdom in our thoughts, thus wresting new insights and Divine Revelations from everything we learn and know. On the spiritual knowledge quest let us agree and show that we seek to learn by deep analyses and pensive evaluation. But we shall simultaneously be attuned to the real acceptance of natural knowing, our intuition, as we evolve in cogitation.

For example:
We are all Divine spiritual beings.

We shall embrace the facts and gain acumen by learning from external acts to understand again the experiences of others. We shall then see through fresh eyes that the totality, as we become wise, of all the information is greater than the same. Knowledge, wisdom, and growth are gained by honest acceptance and changing the frame.

The importance of changing the frame is emphasized as a method which allows us to realize insights by seeing through someone else’s eyes, and thus take the same assimilated knowledge, data, and facts from people and sources previously known to step into the mind and perspectives of others. This allows us to develop our understanding of the many viewpoints grown from different experiences. The light is white yet we may only see red, green, or blue, depending on the filtering of lenses.

For example, consider this scenario: one day you decide to go outside for a walk. Completely unplanned, you see a bird land and intuitively know the bird is inviting you to talk.

If you only observe, in anti-climax, matter-of-factly, just a mundane seed and worm eating bird, and by conditioning assume that most people would likewise and also have only seen and heard the same, consider changing the frame.

Frame 1: Ask yourself, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This allows us to open up to a wealth of more meaningful questions that beg attention for redemption.

Frame 2: Life, as generally known in the universe, has so far only been discovered on Earth.

Frame 3: How many miracles of Life is a soaring, singing, nest building bird in the hand worth?

The most important growth occurs internally when we accept the requirement to change the frame. This spiritual knowledge quest may best be thought of as a perspective changing game.

There is vastness to discern. There is a Universe to learn. Let us not rest until we quench the thirst, feed the burn, and heed the yearn to learn about life, together.

(C) Dennis T. Tillman

*From Published Poems for Penny C (Part B: Spiritual Knowledge Quest)